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Poems by Albert Sidney

Breath and Ashes

when all is lost and time is torn
ashes are born
a milkblood opportunity
a gray primal soup
oozing forward
and the clock begins anew
and the ticking and tocking rhythm
begins the march back to life
like some uncertain infantry
on a reincarnate push
back to war it can not escape
a pulse
that can not die
becoming breath
becoming ashes
breath and ashes.....Albert Sidney

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Biographical sketch: I am 51 years old and have written poetry since the age of 17. I am now a public
school educator.

Albert Sidney recommends:

Howl by Alan Ginsberg

Reason: I feel he wrote from pure energy and in the now. I feel poetry is best when almost a
performance art and Ginsberg exemplified that.

Recommendations for writers:

Write from the heart and the gut.


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