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Poems by Inspirational Darkness (A. Karl Taylor)


The dark mahogany coffin, is carried from the church
Imprisoned in its wooden cell is the body of a friend
And following it, mourners dressed in black
Whose hearts are lifeless and dull, and may never mend

They lower the coffin into the ground
The black mourners bow their heads
And each drop a single rose
Covering the coffin in a blanket of red

The Priest makes his funeral speech
And the mourners roll out of the gates in their cars
I sit down in front of the gravestone
And keep my old friend company until day turns dark

I come back in the morning, and leave by your grave
A single red rose and a bottle of wine
And a message which read: we all miss you terribly
But in death, like life, you'll shine


Don't shed too many a tear
When you find me beneath the landslide
With blood in my hair
Your tears are better wasted on reality
Because even though you saw me
I was never really there


It is a strange feeling
To have the end of your life pressed against your head
Steel barrell freezing into temple into brain
As the lever of the hammer crashes down
All life flashes across the back of your eyes
Like images on a cinema screen
The creature is released, tearing through your head
Ripping apart your mind
And everything happens in a flash of a second
Quick enough to evade and escape the minds eye
Like the fleeting moments of a life
Wasted on the pursuit of something
That was never there


If to dream of death is to die, then is death just a dream?

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Biographical sketch: I live in Cornwall, about 10 minutes walk from the ocean, i like to express myself
through poetry.

Inspirational Darkness (A.Karl Taylor) recommends:

Collected works of Oscar Wilde by Wordsworth Publications

Reason: A classic collection by one of the best poets of all time, everyone should read this.

Recommendations for writers:

Write what you feel, poetry is a reflection of your soul into the outside world.


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