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Editors' Challenge #1


Winners' Circle

The most important meal of the day
by Tia

As advised I am
breakfasting like a king -
although I have chosen
to act the part
of despot: I can't rule
the kingdom of cosy clean
smugly satisfying both
muscled bellies and
gleaming consciences
with their
organically fair-traded
fat-free sugar-free
ultimately flavour-free

No thanks.

I'd rather be
hunched and preoccupied:
take a break at the desk
at 11am when
I can't stand the pangs any more:
then I'm savage: doubling
the slice to cram it in quicker,
wiping the fat-juice
from my mouth, staring at the screen
and reaching for a brew that's
sweet and strong enough
to make the pint-mug wince,
feel the kick-start electrodes
cuddle my heart into a jump.
Hey, I'm just pushing
the welcome mat down
my throat, telling it what's coming,
reaching for the crumpled pack.

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