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After an exhausting process of evaluation, elimination, deposit of bribe money in offshore accounts, and motorboat rides with exotic beauties, we have arrived at our unbiased judgement, which you see displayed above. Click a trophy to read the prize-winning poems.

All other entries are listed below. Thanks to all for participating!

by Eliza

no added sugar, sixty-five percent
fruit and nuts. yes,
get ya whole food fibrous fad flakes here
guaranteed to kill those
pesky cancerous cells and
refined-sugar-bad-breath smells
most important meal
of the day
not too wet or soggy please
I just can't stomach it that way-
just let me crunch it though and
pass it out
the endless thankless chewy task
and with a peristalsis groan
a glutinous, gratuitous moan
that smug, self-satisfied, wholewheat
I'm done, it's gone, this shocking scene
is over for another day.
I'm feeling oh so healthy now-
the wonders of good food. hooray.

by Deborah Ann Hale

Gentle tapping and medium to light breathing.
Loud rattling and polite words.
Idols stationary with accessories in motion,
gleaming attachments on smooth surface scraping.
Smoke mingled with fresh air and warm aroma filling all spaces.
Cool hard surface to rest on with ornaments decorating.
Light flat bread sweetened with tasteless, odorless liquid seasoned and colored still hot.
Relaxing and pleasant early repose.

Butterflies for Breakfast
by Vincy Kamberk

Butter flies for breakfast
over carpets, over dishes
he contemplates all his wishes
butterflies so delicious.

Spinning fast towards a past
towards a spot, towards a stain
butter melted and dripped like rain
what a pain is butter stain
and he wishes once again
butterflies for breakfast.

Clips his wings at first, at last
it is now almost a must
with toast and eggs and tea and milk
butterflies for breakfast.

Running out so fast so fast
it is his passion, it is his lust
but you should try
it is a must
butterflies for breakfast.

I have to wake up the right way in order to have a good day!
by Angel Lanum

The warmth on my lips is a wonderful sensation.
Been a very cold morning.
Sometimes just the smell is enough to wake me
up and make me feel alive!
Warm in my mouth...warmth in my throat..
warmth in my stomach.
Oh, I am almost awake.
My tongue is anyway,
and it wants something sweet!
Fresh, firm, maybe even filled!
Place my finger through the hole,
Now my own lips are sweet,
and fingertips too!
It is going to be a good day!

by Alisia Barringer

Joined together around the pit,
members of the tribe
the careening liquid and inner tubes,
colorful belts in glue,
yellow telephones and red asteroids
myriad expressions
expressing desire
lips pursed
to touch the textures,
scents wafting in the air
smoke signals rising from within the room
telling of a need within the bowels
the long night is over,
now awakened beasts congregate
around the altar
to take in the ambiance and fragrance,
substances submerged in their bodies
only to be released again.

Half Asleep and Cookin’
by Jane Seaver [AneeJarves]

Weary stumble
bleary high reach
for matrilineal curio
seasoned with love -

Reaching into frigid recesses
for conduit stopping
phallic porcine cylinders
and fowl spawn -

Ancestral relic
now the right heat
for doing animal matter
to a flip and a turn -

Few speckles
of black and white
silver pronged device
assists in vanishing
all traces of beastly fare -

Fog of sunrise libation
senses rousing
braced for inevitability
life is good!

JMS Copyright 1-20-00

by Robert Leechford

Unwrapped plastic bag
sound of electric machine
scent of flour and yeast.

by Bénédict Ray Côté

Patience s’use à tombes ouvertes
et depuis chaque ombre te ressemble à croire que le rêve n’a qu’un guerrier pleurant sa lame, sur du fer châtié…
… que ton rôle sculpté s’éclate à dériver
pour enfin voir une mer soulevée des arbres qu’elle veut noyer

by Jonathan Carson

yellow orbs stare accusingly,
glistening in their greased tepidness.
a proud smirk
   of misspent fertility

i sip black,sweet
  and smile to myself,

Serial Killer
by Lynn Tait

Boxed in,
drowning flake
milks episodes of sweet obsession,
with every ounce of fiber
savors this most important moment of the day.
Judgment frosted,
one vitamin short of his daily requirement,
he snaps –
goes against the grain.
The boxtop's spoon-fed messages
telling him to eat again.

Breakfast 1
by Kathryn Loew

Sunrise brings on a new temptation.
Hunger stirs in our stomachs.
The smell of simmering sausage
And over-easy eggs calls us the table.
We give thanks for being alive
And for being blessed.

Breakfast 2
by Kathryn Loew

Pancakes flop and apple jacks,
Buttered toast and jelly,
Whipped cream waffles with syrup-
They all fill up my belly

Scrambled eggs and orange juice
Bacon, sausage, any meat,
French toast with powdered sugar-
What a tasty treat!

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