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Editors' Challenge #1


Judging is complete!
Here are our prize winners (and all other entrants too, for good measure)!

Here's what the rules were:

Since this site is so young, we'll suggest a little experiment in descriptive language to start our day, so to speak:

Paint a picture (in figurative terms, of course) of your breakfast this or some other recent morning.

Write using free (unrhymed) verse, any length (well, within reason), and, most importantly, without explicitly identifying any of the objects or people involved.

For example, suppose you had ham, eggs and toast for breakfast, eaten in an Amtrak dining car together with your sister -- your poem could not contain the words "ham", "eggs", "toast", "sister", or even "dining car", but should nonetheless unmistakably convey that scene.

Try to use all of your senses; think of sounds, aromas, textures, unusual details. Use economy of language. Try to convey an atmosphere.

Post your poems in the "Write" section. Preface the title with "EC#1" (for "Editors' Challenge #1"). Enter as many poems as you like.

Assuming we receive a suitably torrential flow of entries, the contest deadline is January 31st.

All poems entered will be permanently posted here. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize trophies will be awarded and displayed in a special "Winners' Circle".

Good luck! Looking forward to reading your entries.




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