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We have a winner!

The Congress Votes
on Own Pay Raise Award

is hereby proudly bestowed upon our contest winner,

Wynn Free

for his inspired effort, entitled

A Self-Serving Poem

Congratulations, Wynn.

A Self-Serving Poem

by Wynn Free

Women love poets.
Who else could turn a night of passion
Into immortalized verse?
Who else could express their femininity
So eloquently?
Their desirability published
For all the world to know.
One good night of passion
Could actually turn into a life long advertisement
In a woman's quest to find love and marriage.
(Not to the poet, of course)
So, if the opportunity
Ever presents itself,
Never turn down the chance
To sleep with a poet,
And be sure you inspire him
And make him very happy.


(those wishing to comment on this poem, please refer to Open Submissions, Jan. 12th, 2000)

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