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We have a winner!

The Flint & Hormel Award*
for most stomach-churning
graphically erotic

is hereby proudly bestowed upon our contest winner,


for her inspired effort, entitled

Mysterious Meat

Congratulations, Tessie.

Mysterious Meat

by Tessie

My eyes sparkle as I admire its perfect form
It lies there so tempting, tantalizing
Pink and luscious, beckoning me to come closer
to taste it

I succumb to its taunting
I reach out to feel its smoothness, softly caressing it
Coating my fingertips with the natural juices
which seep from its firmness

I quiver as I bring my fingertips to my lips
My mouth watering with anticipation
my breath quickens, heart flutters
Passion burning within me

Wanting desperately to taste it
NEEDING to taste it NOW
My fingertip grazes over my lips
my tongue brushes over my lips
tasting the familiar sweetness that I crave

I lick my finger slowly, savoring the succulent flavor
I close my eyes as I slip my fingers between my lips,
sucking hungrily on each, being careful not to miss a spot
I moan softly

Slowly opening my eyes,
I gaze wantonly at the flesh which lay before me
I grasp it firmly in my hands,
my fingers wrapped tightly around it

I bring it to my waiting mouth,
nibbling gently on the tip
Unable to contain myself any longer,
I take the gleaming pink meat into my mouth

sliding it to the back of my throat,
almost gagging in ecstasy


(those wishing to comment on this poem, please refer to Open Submissions, Jan. 10th, 2000)

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*Important Legal Notice, so Pay Attention!
Use of the name "Hormel" to occupy roughly the latter half of the "Flint & Hormel" award title is in no way meant to imply that this contest or its sponsors have any affiliation whatsoever with Hormel Foods, makers of the occasionally provocative Spam® food meat food spiced luncheon meat food product.



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