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  • Dissipations - Writings darker than the night in a blind man's eye new (Added: 4-May-2003 Hits: 0 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Preaching to the agoraphobic - the collective works of Clive Hale aka Chocolatespeedwayrider aka Dustdevil, modern, brutal, honest. A feast of styles and subjects, laced with black humour and sarcasm. Could be your favorite. new (Added: 29-Apr-2003 Hits: 7 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Sheuri - All original poems. Poetry of love, loss, hope, darkness. A place for Quote lovers as well. Let your mind go as far as you're willing, let the words tickle your imagination. pop (Added: 19-Jul-2000 Hits: 1345 Rating: 7.63 Votes: 8) Rate It
  • Teen Poetry - A site of poetry dedicated to teens. All the poetry was written by, for, or about teens. pop (Added: 13-Mar-2000 Hits: 2098 Rating: 7.44 Votes: 9) Rate It
  • A page of poetry - Hannah Hoag aka Lisa M Stein's personal poetry page. (Added: 11-Apr-2002 Hits: 89 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • A Poets Motions - Website dedicated to the artistic form of poetic words. (Added: 13-Feb-2002 Hits: 80 Rating: 9.50 Votes: 2) Rate It
  • Adrian Rice - Belfast Poet/Editor - site includes: work with Dramatist/Director/Poet Molly Freeman; photos; bio. notes; samples of poetry, published books, projects, newspaper clippings; poetry, drama and educational links; and booking information (poetry readings, residencies, creative writing and drama workshops for teachers and students of all ages and abilities) (Added: 28-Jul-2002 Hits: 54 Rating: 9.66 Votes: 30) Rate It
  • ANTHONY S. POETRY - The Official site of Australian poet Anthony Superina. The site contains: biography, chronology, published works and titles, sample poems to read or to listen to as well as quotes. Get to know the poet from his web site. (Added: 26-Feb-2001 Hits: 82 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Carl Selph: Collected Poems - Comprehensive selection of verse by the contemporary American poet Carl Selph, also featuring his translations of famous Italian and Spanish poems. (Added: 27-Jan-2002 Hits: 133 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 12) Rate It
  • CARLA PAOLINI - Lin Pao Poetry - Sito Personale della poetessa Carla Paolini: biografia,critiche,testi pubblicati, poesie anche inedite. English version (Added: 6-Apr-2001 Hits: 45 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Cloud9 -- The Journeys - Ravi Menon's personal poetry pages. Much of the work here is published poetry. (Added: 18-Jun-2002 Hits: 62 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Dissipations - Writings darker than the night in a blind man's eye (Added: 14-Dec-2002 Hits: 10 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • EdwinE.Smith.Com - Edwin E. Smith's home on the internet, featuring: information about his book, One Stranger to Another, book reviews, excerpts from works in progress, and literary essays. (Added: 6-Feb-2003 Hits: 11 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 2) Rate It
  • Explore the World of Literature: Shakespeare - We feed researchers with bountiful information on William Shakespeare. You can now share your opinion with other poetry lovers and Shakespeare fans just like yourself in our chatroom and forum! (Added: 5-Aug-2001 Hits: 262 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Homepage of Mark Anthony Thomas - Twenty-one year old African American journalist/writer/poet presents his first book, As I Look. (Added: 2-Aug-2000 Hits: 88 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 4) Rate It
  • Immortal Love Poetry - Immortal Love/ Fantasy/ Seductive poetry, poetry books, from the heart of Indian Poet, Nikhil Parekh (Added: 28-Mar-2003 Hits: 33 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Inspirations by Sweetpea - Personnal poetry pages written and owned by me. Section of inspirational pages Memorial pages (Added: 22-Jan-2002 Hits: 90 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • John Sokol / Poems - Links to over 40 poems by John Sokol, author of "Kissing the Bees" (Redgreene Press) and "A Thousand Years from Nowhere" (Pudding House Publications). Listen to his entire chapbook on Real Audio. (Added: 29-Mar-2002 Hits: 61 Rating: 9.33 Votes: 3) Rate It
  • Justin Silves - Some of my writing samples. I have a book published entitled, "Midnight of Imagination," released in 2000 (Added: 11-Apr-2001 Hits: 75 Rating: 8.20 Votes: 5) Rate It
  • LB Sedlacek - Website of poet & writer LB Sedlacek. (Added: 28-Jan-2002 Hits: 31 Rating: 8.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Malden by David R. Surette - Malden is a chapbook of twenty-seven poems by David R. Surette. All of the poems except two are set in Malden, Massachusetts. Malden is just two cities north of Boston. (Added: 4-May-2001 Hits: 49 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 2) Rate It
  • Michael Pollick's Collateral Damage Report - This website contains information on poet Michael Pollick's Collateral Damage Report poetry cd-rom. It also contains biographical information, free samples of works found in the CDR, and links of interest to writers and poets. (Added: 7-Mar-2001 Hits: 53 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Mike Schiller's Sentences Unbound - Mike Schiller's website features a career spanning collection of his poetry from 1994 through present. Also features a discussion group, compehensive links to other poetry websites, and a downloadable copy of his book "Sentences I Freed From The Ropes They Tried To Weave Around Me" (Added: 9-Mar-2003 Hits: 14 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • My Stuff - Poetry that doesn't require scores of reference materials to understand. What good is poetry that leaves you asking, "What did I just read?" Look at the world differently after looking at MY Stuff. (Added: 14-Jan-2003 Hits: 11 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Nanang Suryadi - Nanang Suryadi, Indonesian Poet (Added: 20-Aug-2000 Hits: 75 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Ohan Press Books - Six books described include two books of poems by Helene Pilibosian; subjects are general or Armenian-American (Added: 17-Dec-2002 Hits: 7 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Pagan Poetry - Pagan poetry and classic poetry of life love and death (Added: 7-Apr-2001 Hits: 230 Rating: 7.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • - 'An it harm none, write what thy will'.. (Added: 23-Jun-2001 Hits: 55 Rating: 9.50 Votes: 2) Rate It
  • Pandora's Box - Just a collection of some of my poems, though I have many more. A simple little page about me...and life. (Added: 20-Mar-2001 Hits: 131 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • paper cup dot net - personal poetry domain with many hostee's poetry sites. (Added: 21-Sep-2002 Hits: 15 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Paradiso Hotel - The Poet's Resort -- Linking Poet's to submission places around the world, and the poetry of Louis Hamric (Added: 11-Jan-2002 Hits: 28 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Partners In Verse - Poems for Lovers - All original poetry, art & photography on passion and romance. Audio poems, visual poetry, free e-books, free romantic postcards, music station, books, links, great resources for poets, writers and more... (Added: 15-Jul-2002 Hits: 64 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 5) Rate It
  • PC-Voodoo Poetry - My personal collection - all criticism welcome! (Added: 1-Apr-2002 Hits: 43 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • People Have The Power - A web group dedicated to the talented poet and artist Patti Smith. (Added: 23-Feb-2002 Hits: 43 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Personalized Poems - Personalized Poems Shop. You provide the details for a beautifully-written poem, a work of art you can give as a gift. (Added: 8-Jun-2002 Hits: 83 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

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