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Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Welcome, O Stork! that dost wing
  Thy flight from the far-away!
Thou hast brought us the signs of Spring,
  Thou hast made our sad hearts gay.

Descend, O Stork! descend
  Upon our roof to rest;
In our ash-tree, O my friend,
  My darling, make thy nest.

To thee, O Stork, I complain,
  O Stork, to thee I impart
The thousand sorrows, the pain
  And aching of my heart.

When thou away didst go,
  Away from this tree of ours,
The withering winds did blow,
  And dried up all the flowers.

Dark grew the brilliant sky,
  Cloudy and dark and drear;
They were breaking the snow on high,
  And winter was drawing near.

From Varaca's rocky wall,
  From the rock of Varaca unrolled,
the snow came and covered all,
  And the green meadow was cold.

O Stork, our garden with snow
  Was hidden away and lost,
Mid the rose-trees that in it grow
  Were withered by snow and frost.