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Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



To gallop off to town post-haste,
  So oft, the times I cannot tell;
To do vile deed, nor feel disgraced,--
  Friar Lubin will do it well.
But a sober life to lead,
  To honor virtue, and pursue it,
That's a pious, Christian deed,--
  Friar Lubin can not do it.

To mingle, with a knowing smile,
  The goods of others with his own,
And leave you without cross or pile,
  Friar Lubin stands alone.
To say 't is yours is all in vain,
  If once he lays his finger to it;
For as to giving back again,
  Friar Lubin cannot do it.

With flattering words and gentle tone,
  To woo and win some guileless maid,
Cunning pander need you none,--
  Friar Lubin knows the trade.
Loud preacheth he sobriety,
  But as for water, doth eschew it;
Your dog may drink it,--but not he;
  Friar Lubin cannot do it.

  When an evil deed 's to do
  Friar Lubin is stout and true;
  Glimmers a ray of goodness through it,
  Friar Lubin cannot do it.