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Poems of Andrew Lang

New Collected Rhymes
by Andrew Lang

In Augustinum Dobson
How the Maid Marched from Blois
Lone Places of the Deer
An Old Song
Jacobite "Auld Lang Syne"
The Prince's Birthday
The Tenth of June, 1715
White Rose Day
Red and White Roses
The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond
The Last of the Leal
Jeanne d'Arc
To Helen
Ballade of Dead Cricketers
Gainsborough Ghosts
A Remonstrance with the Fair
Rhyme of Rhymes
Rhyme of Oxford Cockney Rhymes
The Food of Fiction
"A Highly Valuable Chain of Thoughts"
Piscatori Piscator
The Contented Angler
Off my Game
The Property of a Gentleman who has Given up Collecting
The Ballade of the Subconscious Self
Ballade of the Optimist
Love's Cryptogram
Disdainful Diaphenia
Tall Salmacis
What Francesco said of the Jubilee
The Poet and the Jubilee
On any Beach
Ode of Jubilee
Jubilee before Revolution
French Peasant Songs
The Young Ruthven
The Queen o' Spain and the Bauld McLean
Keith of Craigentolly